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Lil Baby It’s Only Me Full album

Premiere date: October 14 2022

Format: 320kb/s, mp3

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Lil Baby It’s Only Me album songs list:

1 Real Spill

2 Stand On It

3 Pop Out by Lil Baby & Nardo Wick

4 Heyy

5 California Breeze

6 Perfect Timing

7 Never Hating by Lil Baby & Young Thug

8 Forever (Ft. Fridayy)

9 Not Finished

10 In A Minute

11 Waterfall Flow

12 Everything

13 From Now On (Ft. Future)

14 Double Down

15 Cost To Be Alive by Lil Baby & Rylo Rodriguez

16 Top Priority

17 Danger

18 Stop Playin (Ft. Jeremih)

19 FR

20 Back and Forth by Lil Baby & EST Gee

21 Shiest Talk (Ft. Pooh Shiesty)

22 No Fly Zone

23 Russian Roulette

Lil Baby has always lagged behind his mentor Young Thug and his tag-team partner Gunna, who both taught him to rap, but his rapid ascent and his resolve to improve suggested a dormant potential manifesting in real time. On It’s Only Me, his knees lock. The album is intended as a bigger and ballsier blockbuster sequel to 2020’s platinum-selling My Turn, which was the most streamed album of 2020 and cemented him as a star. But it feels more like a business obligation than a refinement or mission statement. The album artwork depicting Lil Baby as the sole person on a rap Mt. Rushmore inadvertently captures the spirit of this drab and listless music. Baby, like his labelmates Migos, who have invoked the same imagery, mistakes visibility for greatness, an outlook that lends itself to routine. Accordingly, he just shows up and toils, motor learning guiding his writing and performances.

Lil Baby is known for creating magic when he collaborates with the right artist. On “My Turn,” the likes of 42 Dugg, Lil Uzi Vert, Gunna and Lil Wayne spit captivating verses on their featured songs. Alas, on this album,  Lil Baby’s featured artist’s performances were inconsistent compared to his previous album.

The first half of the album had terrific verses from Nardo Wick on “Pop Out” and Young Thug on ‘’Never Hating.” However, this can not be said for Future’s lackluster feature on “From Now On” and EST Gee’s terrible adlibs in his verse on “Back and Forth.”

The tracklist included two R&B artists — Fridayy and Jeremiah. Listeners of the album bore witness to the dichotomy between an enthralling hook and a dreadful one. Fridayy’s vocals on “Forever” were mesmerizing as he sang hypothetically to a former lover. Jeremiah’s hook on “Stop Playin” will have you wondering if they were playing around by putting this forgetful hook and song in the final cut.

Features are supposed to elevate an artist’s album and on “Its Only Me” most of the collaborations did the opposite.

Lil Baby’s Performance

The most popular criticism of Lil Baby’s music is that his flow and beat selection is repetitive. “It’s Only Me” validates these claims with an overall dull performance from the Atlanta rapper.

While Lil Baby’s redundant flows are present throughout the listen, the most surprising part of the album was his pitiful attempts at making catchy hooks. It is well known that Lil Baby can make classic hooks such as the hooks on his song “Grace” and  DJ Khaled’s “Every Chance I Get.” Sadly, “It’s Only Me” has multiple unpleasant hooks on songs like “Heyy” and “Back and Forth.” 

The most redeeming track on the album is “Forever.” The unique instrumental with Fridayy’s beautiful hook forces Lil Baby to maintain a high standard. In his verses, Lil Baby speaks of a failed relationship that lingers on his mind. Though he knows the relationship was toxic, her absence in his life has him reminiscing on what they had. He raps, “Haven’t seen you in three months, I miss you can I see you bae? / Every time I see one of yo pictures, that shit drives me crazy.”

The only word to describe this album is mediocre. “My Turn” showed the world how talented Lil Baby is but “It’s Only Me” makes it seem that he has become complacent. For the hype this album received, the final product was disappointing to fans that waited two years for a solo album from the Atlanta-based rapper.

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